Lukashenko Defends Belarus Flight Hijacking. Attacks Critics

2 min readMay 27, 2021


Belarus President finally commented on events last weekend. Alexander Lukashenko claims he didn’t know an opposition blogger was on board a plane that was diverted to the capital Minsk and he’s depicted international reaction as part of what he calls a hybrid War mashing in the Brazil actually Sonia.

He said, “How ill wishes outside and inside the country have changed their methods of attacking the state across numerous red lines and also delivers a reason and morale has forecast the cleaning Lukashenko’s orders a Belarusian. A fighter jet was sent to ask to Ryanair flight minutes before it was due to land in Vilnius in neighboring Lithuania. All the passengers were taken off supposedly because of a bomb threat the plane later took off without Ramon Savage, a 26 year old opposition journalist and his Russian girlfriend Sophia. They’re both in detention. Sofia Superior, said she edits a telegram channel that publishes the personal information.

Belarusian policeman on Monday and on Belarusian authorities released a video of Ramon practice a b**** admitting to organizing street demonstrations will get the Shekhar his parents in exile in Poland. They say he had clear signs of being beaten and had been forced to make the statement must. His mother said in quote, “Thank you for my gift to you wells please stand up and help I urge you very much because they will kill him. They will kill him.”

EU leaders have promised fresh economic sanctions against the Lukashenko government and a flight ban on the national carrier. Bellavia, but on Wednesday Belarus is exiled opposition leader told the European Parliament. She wants more than that.” There is pause must address the situation in Belarus in its entirety or we will all face such situations in the future as Lukashenko has turned my country into a North Korea of Europe non-transparent.”

Unpredictable and dangerous. She’s also condemned Belarusian authorities for allowing opposition activists VTOL — Iraq to die in prison, the 50 year old was buried on Wednesday. His family were told he’d had a heart attack president lukashenko in power since 1994 officially won a landslide victory in last August selection. The opposition said the vote was rigged and stage months of Street protests that faced a sustainable cracked down.


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